Diablo 4 Guide: How To Complete The Pilgrim’s Footsteps Quest?

Diablo 4 Guide: How To Complete The Pilgrim's Footsteps Quest?

There are many missions in Diablo 4, and players can get a lot of diablo iv gold and loot by completing these missions, which can help us gain an advantage. The following guide will give you a detailed introduction to The Pilgrim’s Footsteps mission in Diablo 4.

Starting the Quest

“The Pilgrim’s Footsteps” quest is initiated in the town of Tristram. You’ll find an older man named Eadric who will tell you about a sacred pilgrimage that he is too old to complete. He will ask you to walk in his stead and complete the pilgrimage.

The Pilgrimage Route

The pilgrimage involves visiting three sacred shrines scattered across the map. Eadric will provide you with a map marking the locations of these shrines. They are located in the following areas:

  1. The Shrine of the Fallen Warrior: Located in the Fields of Misery, a group of undead warriors guards this shrine. You’ll need to defeat them before you can pay your respects.
  2. The Shrine of the Lost Seafarer: Found in the Drowned Temple, this shrine is surrounded by water and protected by a powerful sea monster. Defeat the monster to access the shrine.
  3. The Shrine of the Forgotten King: This shrine is located in the depths of the Royal Crypts. You’ll have to navigate a maze of undead and traps to reach it.

Completing the Pilgrimage

At each shrine, you’ll need to interact with it to pay your respects and mark your pilgrimage. Be prepared for a fight at each location, as they are all guarded by powerful enemies. Make sure to equip your best gear and stock up on potions before you set out.

Once you’ve visited all three shrines, return to Eadric in Tristram. He will thank you for your efforts and reward you with a unique item, the Pilgrim’s Amulet, which boosts your character’s stats.

Tips and Tricks

  • It’s recommended to tackle this quest at a higher level, as the enemies guarding the shrines are quite powerful.
  • Make sure to explore the areas around the shrines thoroughly. There are often hidden secret chests and regions with more loot.
  • The shrines can be visited in any order, so plan your route based on your current location and the difficulty of the enemies in each area.

According to the above guide, we can enter Diablo 4 and complete The Pilgrim’s Footsteps mission. Although this requires a lot of fighting and exploration, it also brings us a lot of rewards. In the next game, players can use the rewards obtained in the mission to build a powerful character to gain an advantage in Diablo 4.

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